Bottom line guys - -plain and simple - -no excuses

  • Well pretty simple. Just got our butts beat in all most every phase. - There was a few of us here that thought this could happen. As much a hate to say it - - Kentucky has a good club , not that team of last year.

    Just have to look at it like this , it’s just ONE game , plenty to be fixed , got to move on from this and focus on Conference now. - - SEC kinda put a butt whuppin on the Big 12 - Baylor got whupped too by Alabama- which was worse ? - - Ku OR Baylor ? - -not even really mad at OCH believe it or not - - even good players can and have had bad nights.

    Jalen really did about what he has been doing 8 points & 8 rebounds - - just one of those night in College basketball .I mean what else can you say - - OCH 4 – 14 - - 13 points -not a lot to say -just got our ass beat by a better club tonight - NO EXCUSES — just got beat period - plain and simple

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