Coach Cal trying to feed lies & BS before game Tomorrow

  • This is pretty funny and has Kentucky fans about wetting themselves /crying .Cal trying to throw al kinds of wool BS before the game , saying TY TY Washington , Diamion Collins & Jacob Toppin none of these guys practiced yesterday and questionable for the game tomorrow.

    Cal saying he would not play Ty Ty unless he is 100 % or very close saying - - - This isn’t a game you play a guy at 80 % ( I’m telling you , you can take it to the bank Ty Ty WILL be on the court playing ) total BS

    Jacob Toppin turned his ankle in the 2nd half of the game the othr night BUT went back in the game later ( - -He will play - - book it

    On top of all that UK fans all up in arms cause of Coach Cal refusal of NOT playing Shaedon Sharpe - -saying with these players hurt there is no reason what so ever not to get Sharpe on the floor - - some saying now he will neve set foot on the floor for UK - and they want Cal’s head

    Don’t never say never I guess but don’t hold your breathe about TY , TY not playing - - don’t hold your breathe about toppin not playing - -they gonna be there- this is just a bunch of Cal spewing BS BEFORE game time , already has his excuse made with this if they lose

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