I think we found that leader- -that dog

  • I have mentioned multiple times previously , who was going to be that guy , that guy that wanted the ball in his hand at crunch time - -it appears we have found that guy. - -that guy is Och , never more evident then late game today , what big time shots /hustle. I said earlier tody after the game -that I think this very well might be a turning point for the guys as far as raising us to a different level. - -It just goes to show when our back is truly against the wall, it shows when we get really engaged - -we can be pretty dam good. It was just like there was no way that the guys was going to lose this game - -had to overcome HUGE mountain , team that played over their heads, couldn’t miss anything crazy fans - it was nuts - -I think Och just said give me the ball - - I got this.

    The 2nd thing to mention is this game could also just Crush K/State to find a way to lose this game after being up by 17 , and their main player having to score 35 points and STIL wasn’t enough. - -just trying to calm down lol - -I’m to ol for this lol

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