Got a feeling it's getting closer.

  • Well read where NC State received their punishment from the ( IARP ) . This is the 1st ruling from the ( IARP ). North Carolina State received a One year probation , but no ban from post Season as a result of the findings. This comes from 2 Level one Violations. Arizona , KU , Louisville , LSU & Memphis still awaiting findings.

    Assistant at NC State helped facilitate 40,000 payment from TJ Gass to shift Dennis Smith. - -Early the NC Assistant got SIX YEAR show cause - (WOW ) & Gottfried got a ONE YEAR show cause

    I just think that some people that think we are coming out of this with nothing is just not being realistic. - -If the ( IARP ) is giving NC State a ONE year probation for TWO Leel one violations ? - yes no post season ban - - that’s a good thing -however to think were coming out smelling like a rose is just unrealistic.

    they get that findings for TWO LEVEL ONE’S- -and we got accused of what 4 - - Level one’s ? - I can see our assistant getting the same amount of show Cause -I can see Coach Self with show cause but longer then ONE year , more like 2 years I would think - -multiple year probation, possibly two-three year probation & 50/50 chance of a year post Season ban.

    I just think that the NCAA & the IARP are wanting to make an example out of KU ass our Level ONE violations were among the worst of the schools accused. I think they want to make an example out of us and I think the College Basketball World ( Other Schools ) might even be pressurin them in some way to make that example out of us. - -whatever it is - -I think that decision is closer then some may believe

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