Ya this is totally non sport related but awesome

  • Hey guys , here on a Sunday Morning browsing through things and I myself have seen this guy soooo many times , just wanted to share this you may like it want to check it out , you may not but just throwing it out.

    Guys this is all about a guy & a total inspiration story, he is beyond incredible, unbelievably talented. His Name ? - -His name is Kodi Lee. He sings and plays the piano and does both unreal -true GOD given talent , if you appreciate talent, you like music this is the guy. I saw him for the 1st time on America’s got Talent it was from the 2019 series. Came out with his Mom - -22 years old at the time - -Mercy just give you chills the way he preforms. - -If this guy can overcome obstacles ought to give anybody the inspiration to do so. - -Kodi is Blind and now I know I won’t spell thsi right but Kodi is Blind AND autistic . Just wanted to share and tell you about Kodi.

    You can check him out off You Tube - just type in Kodi Lee - -several preformances - kid is unreal. Again you like talent /inspiration - -Kodi is your guy oh by the way Kodi won the Million Dollar America has got talent - -huge fan favorite , there is one where he is singing with Leona Lewis during his preformance check him out guys you won’t be disapointed. If you appreciate singers and talent - - here you go

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