EX KU men or or people we all know on hot seat

  • read an article about Coach’s that are what’s considered on the ol hot seat this season - know most o f them

    Frank Martin of South Carolina : - Remember him from K-State time I think it said he was in his 10th Season for the Game Cocks - has a record of 153-134 - a little surprising , well to me anyways Jarod Haase of Stanford : like Jarrod great scrapper , defensive . You all remember his book Floor Burns ? staff kept track of how many times players hit the floor for loose balls and such. - -Only 1 NCAA appearance under Jarrod - hate to hear but shaky ground for our old KU Hawk Tim Jankovich : of SMU Played at K-State and if I remember right he was on the KU staff for a couple of years wasn’t he ? has a 101 -55 record but only 1 NCAA appearance under Tim , took over from Larry - -hate to hear that too BRUCE WEBER good old Brucie from we know where K-Straight : Bruce is 170-130 at K-State been to 5 NCAA appearances , won a Big 12 Championship BUT last 2 years of Big 12 Conference play is 7-29. That’s not going to get you much of a Security blanket anywhere with that kind of record. Bruce has had a lot of players quit/transfer during his time at K- State not sure just really how much control he actually has in the locker room , and for him things look kinda bleak again this year. Talks about with Brucie being 65 just might be forcing him into retirement. we shall see.

    Thank GOd we don’t have to worry about Coach being in that position - - Well shoot just looked at the header all wrong OR - -OR what kind of lingo is that but couldn’t change - - oh well lol

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