Questions about College Sports Gaming

  • Should donors to college athletic departments be allowed to own interests in casinos?

    Should college athletic departments be allowed to sign advertising contracts with casinos the way they sign contracts with Petro-ShoeCos and other businesses?

    Should college athletic departments be allowed to hold interests in casinos?

    Should college sports arenas have betting kiosks?

    Just trying to get a feel for board rats’ sense of the tolerable threshold of college sports’ involvement with the gaming industry.

  • College sports should not have any ties with interests associated with gambling. More related to your questions…

    1 - It would be difficult to prevent a wealthy donor from owning an interest in any business; however, a “Chinese wall” should be established between the donor and the Athletic Department.

    2 - Casinos are free to buy advertisement in school arenas and publications, but no sponsorship contracts.

    3 - Absolutely no.

    4 - Absolutely No.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Thanks for responding.

    Anyone else?

    1. As JHF2 says, hard to control.

    If we could see the Williams, Anschutz, Ward holdings we’d know a bit more. Speaking of the latter they have some extra pocket change after last week. I wonder if I won’t have to see Russell Stover on the top of the backboard camera shots in the future.

    1. Rather not see them advertise in school arenas & publications at all. And NO sponsorships.

    2. NO

    3. NO

  • @jaybate 1.0

    1. Yes.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes.

    4. Yes.

  • @HighEliteMajor LOL… you guys crack me up.

    On a semi-similar note-- check out Bowlsby’s comments from the Big12 media days about rules violations.

    Big 12 chief rips NCAA, says ‘cheating pays’

    On one hand, it seems like a pretty bold statement. On the other hand, no one would argue with him, so is it really bold or just calling a spade a spade?

    And if it is the latter, isn’t that an even bigger indictment on the NCAA?

  • @jaybate 1.0 maybe the tail is wagging the dog. Instead of barring gambling from college sports, maybe we should bar sports from college. Colleges in India don’t have intercollegiate sports and they seem to do fine. Just a thought

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