Not KU specific, but hoops nonetheless

  • This is a great piece by someone at the SBNation page for Michigan St. Really strong piece of work here.

    Of course I do like seeing our high ranking but I’ve got to take a bit of a wait and see on this one. The sour taste of last season is still fresh in my mouth and will only be washed away by a strong start to the season where we prove we deserve the high rankings.

    Some of these guys are unknowns to me. Of the newcomers Remy Martin is the only one I trust to be as advertised. That doesn’t mean the others won’t produce I just don’t have a ton of confidence that they will. I think the kid from Drake is my 2nd pick for new hawks to rock.

    I’m really excited to see a year older Dajuan Harris pushing Agbaji for minutes in the backcourt. I’m also excited to see Yesufu and his untapped potential.

    Hopefully Braun finds consistency, Big Dave finds a bit more toughness to match his massive frame, and Wilson makes the expected leap from enigmatic freshman to an overaged sophomore who’s trying to show Michigan what they lost. Not sure Juwan Howard regretted Wilsons absence in his lineup.

  • @wissox enjoyed the Big12 writeups, though the article has UVA finishing 8th in the ACC. Not likely. I hope he’s likewise wrong about Duke. Hope they suck and K throws up in his mouth a little bit before packing up.

  • @approxinfinity I had thought Coach K had retired already. I’m already getting nauseated thinking about all of the Coach K syrup about to be served up all season.

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