Just feeling less chance for KU in the Big 10

  • I think chances for us landing in the Big 10 are becoming less and less with every passing day. With these talks now with the Pac 12 , The ACC , & the Big 10 - in the real world this is not good for KU. Let’s face it bottom line is ALL ABOUT MONEY. What is the main money maker in College Sports ? – Football , ya Football and as well all sadly know KU at KU is like Dill Pickles & Ice Cream , not a very good Combo.

    Yes I know we have an elite basketball program , However in the Big 10’s eyes I just don’t think that’s enough of an appeal for the Big 10 to take us in , especially now with the talk with these three conferences. Yes I know it’s talk/discussions , but from everything I’m hearing/reading is that they are pretty high level talks. If this turns out to be the case - -then not good days ahead. What happens to our P-5 status is were left out of the Big 10 ? What constitutes a P-5 ? I really felt that the Big 10 was really our only REAL option - -perfect fit location wise for sure. - If that doesn’t happen - -we get left out then now what ? I just don’t think our Basketball is enough according to what I’m hearing to carry us into the Big 10 from the sounds of it. I mean the reality of it is - - Were the one’s in trouble league wise - - NOT the Big 10 Not the Pac 12 . Big 10 - -especially can afford to be more picky/choosie on what they want to do - -IF anything -we don’t have that luxury.

    I think maybe our best option if we are not invited to the Big 10 is probably for us to try and hold serve hold this league together - try like hell for expansion and get it done NOW get after these other teams - - invite 4 new members get it back to a Real Big 12. - Yet we can’t just get any tom , dick, or Harry - -we got to try to get the best available - -I don’t think Cincinnati is the best available - I don’t know who but Cinncinnati ? - -just not sold there. I don’t think BYU would come or they aren’t really a good fit - -now don’t ask me who else I don’t know - -that’s where the Big 12 powers got to get their heads together get this figured out - I think we got to try and keep this Conference alive some how - -EXPAND with quality teams I’m just really worried the Big 10 isn’t talking us hope we get this done - Any idea’s guys ?

  • In view of what’s been (is happening) the past couple of years, I find myself not caring what league we’re in at all. Or if we’re even in a league. Or if there’s even organized sports any more. I have reached the point of not caring one way or the other about sports and politics - spolitics.

  • We’re going to have a soft landing. Once the NCAA goes away or there’s a power league breakaway, basketball will be much more valuable. Right now, the NCAA takes basically all the TV revenue from the tournament and distributes it according to a wonky formula and keeps a big chunk of it for its own operations. Once conferences get that big chunk we bring significant value.

    Next, the B1G is very interested in our academic profile. According to KU, the research part of the University brought in nearly $160 million in research grants in the last year with data, not including KU Med. KU Athletics as a whole had a shade over $100m in revenue in the last year of data. KU spent nearly $300 million as a whole on research. This obviously dwarfs any sports related stuff. That’s really attractive to the B1G.

    Is it a guarantee? No, of course not. But there are a lot of power brokers in the league that want KU.

  • KU is going to be okay. Whether Pac-12 or B1G. I would suspect B1G will be where we end up when everything settles, but that is going to take some time.

    Now, if I were KSU, I would be concerned if the Pac-12 doesn’t come through.

  • Well read the article of ESPN about the Big 10 - -Pac 12 - - - & ACC forming their allience that is suppose to be announced within the next 7-10 days. - The way I see this is, really doesn’t change anything for KU really. - -they are talking mainly sounds like for football and men & women’s basketball. - - The key here again is KU being accepted into either the Big 10 because of Basketball - - or the Pac 12. KU just has to sell their selves to try and get an invite as I just don’t see the Big 12 surviving this. Even if the Big 12 does manage to make it through , just don’t feel it would be their best interest to stay put mainly because I think it’s going to be hard for them to retain their P-5 status. -Think changes are coming and coming soon

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