• Gonna have to get one of these!

    Rock out with your Hawk out

  • Since it is garden time, I’ve been thinking outside the box… I mean… inside the garden box:


    I wonder how long it takes to arrive from Poland?

  • @dylans I have to say, I love the “punch out” avatar. Perhaps my greatest achievements in video gaming came as a pretend Mike Tyson. I’m very proud of myself …

  • HEM, if you only knew the amount of zombies I have killed on Call of Duty (ww2)…truly historic proportions in the annals of video warfare. No cheat codes, thus never get far. Always die trying. Always playing the ultimate opponent: myself and my own high score from “1 time 3 yrs ago…”. Getting killed early and often is still fun, though…

  • @HighEliteMajor Wish I could say I created it myself. I just robbed it from one of the many jokes poked at Mr. Smart. I too loved Iron Mike’s game it was way better to beat Mike than Mr. Dream. A few 8 bit games still rock; Zelda, Punch out and Metroid come to mind.

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