Headlinez/CntrHeadlinez (7.7.14)

  • ESPN: UNC hopes to set up meeting with McCants

    JSN:   Has he got them by the short hairs?

    ESPN: Wojcik won’t resign after abuse allegations

    JSN:  Sticks and stones may break his bones, but insult allegations will never hurt him??

    ESPN: Battier joins ESPN as college hoops analyst

    JSN: Battier = More EST bias.

    ESPN: Cal C Rooks likely out for year after surgery

    JSN:  Footer’s ACL puts him out for a year at Cal, at KU might he only be nicked up?

    ESPN: Boise State to pay $2.3M in AAC settlement

    JSN:  BSU pays to stay in the Frack Pack aka MWC

    ESPN: Charge dropped against ex-UNC professor

    JSN:  Is teaching UNC football players without a class meeting “Indirected Study”?

    ESPN: Former educator files lawsuit against UNC 

    JSN:  alleged “paper classes” and alleged “low reading levels” = alleged higher education in Chapel Hill?

    ESPN: Gators and Hurricanes will renew hoops rivalry

    JNS:  Dueling sun screens?

    ESPN: Recruit Adams picks UConn over KU, L’ville 

    JSN: Typical ESPN—KU bold, L’ville abbreviated to where you barely see it, how about LOUISVILLE, K’sas instead?

    ESPN: Former longtime coach Messbarger dies at 81

    JSN: Ed, ya did good, R.I.P.

    ESPN: Big 12 unveils modern-looking logo design

    JSN:  Its not only modern-looking, its annoyingly inaccurate, too!

    ESPN: Miami: Probe into PEDs found no wrongdoing

    JSN:  Calling Frank Haith–don’t have to worry about this one

    ESPN: He’s got mail: Pearl saved Barkley message

    JSN: Charles says teams “take up” the personality of the coach; so what do joy rides with heat say about Bruce?

    P.S.: Suggested UNC cheer–“Litigate, Tar Heels, litigate!”

    (Note: All satire. No malice.)

  • @jaybate 1.0

    “P.S.: Suggested UNC cheer–“Litigate, Tar Heels, litigate!””

    Is that a dark cloud I see hanging over Chapel Hill?

    What is about to go down?

    A. Hurricane

    B. Flood

    C. Tornado

    D. All of the above

  • [link text](link url)link text

    Poor Roy…had no idea about this and he’s just as shocked as the next person. Terrible way to end your career or have hanging over your legacy as a virtual HOF coach.

    Roy, go to the river and spit for some good luck. 🙂 Maybe you’ll have a chance to turn this nightmare around. I believe that’s what you heels do when you need some old fashioned luck or at least that’s what you did when you left KU to begin your head coaching career at UNC. Heck, you’ve won how many NCs at UNC? Get out while you’re ahead.

  • @truehawk93

    I believe that a coach that says he did not know that this was going on is either lying or grossly incompetent. I am sorry, but you cannot have it both ways.

  • @JayHawkFanToo “shocked” and “end your career” not give you any hints prior to your irresistable response? If he could have it both ways, all he needs to do is spit into a river and the nightmare will simply go away ;0 Also, I would think my last encouragement for Ol’ Roy would’ve tipped you to my cold reality for Roy, “Get out while you’re ahead.”

    But thanks for your obvious position and for pointing out the pink elephant for Roy, “lying or incompetent” is exactly right. I’d say add in your NCs and you have a real nasty image that will tarnish your coaching record. In fact, this may be Roy’s legacy at UNC, “Liar or Incompetent Natl’ Champion HOF Coach”?

  • @truehawk93

    The “cannot have it both ways” was about Roy’s explanation, not your comment, with which I fully agree. Sorry about the confusing text of my post.

  • @drgnslayr What is about to go down?

    E. Roy Williams (unfortunately…)

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