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    @drgnslayr you know I was kind of hoping for a name change. This whole Big 12 and only 10 teams is kind of mind boggling. I don’t know why they just don’t change it? They have no desire, willingness, or potential to expand. So why not just change the name?

  • @DoubleDD

    I’ve got it!

    New conference name:


    “Big 12 minus 2!”

    The only conference name that properly represents the conference while teaching math skills to the fans!

  • It is not that simple to change the name. In addition to the marketing, merchandising and copyrighting issues, there is the bigger logistical problem associated with record/data keeping.

    At this time, the number in the conference name is no longer representative and I imagine the values of the brand awareness is more important. There are currently 4 conference with number in the name and only one has the number of teams to match the number in the name:

    Atlantic 10 - 14 teams

    Big 10 - 14 teams

    Big 12 - 10 teams

    PAC 12 - 12 teams

    The PAC 12 changed its name in 2011 from PAC 10.

    As I said, it is unlikely that any of the 3 conferences with miss-matched names and schools will change names any time soon since the number in the name is no longer considered representative and the value of the brand is much higher.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    In the short term it is unlikely.

    In the long term it is a near certainty.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I agree… it is unlikely we’ll see a name change because it is costly in so many ways.

    Plus… Change the number and then in a few years teams leave again and you are right back to having the same problem.

    I know a name that is available… The Big 8!

  • @drgnslayr

    I understand that the big 1o considers to the “BIG 10” and “B1G” names to be highly recognizable and storied as well as names that stand alone and have a long tradition, regardless of the number of schools in the conference and as such, a lot more valuable than a new name would be. Also, the Big 10 has much nice ring than the Big 14. For these reasons, it is highly unlikely the Big 10 will change names, and even if it did, I just don’t see it allowing another conference to use it since this, to the best of my knowledge, would also be unprecedented. Unless the Big 12 changes its name to the Great 10 or something along these lines, I just don’t see it being able to ever use the Big 10 name, anymore than the Big 12 would allow other conference to take over the Big 12 name it it ever changes names to something else. I am sure the Big 12 owns the rights to the BIG 8 name so it can always go back to it. 🙂

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    We could call ourselves “Big IX1/2” (Big 9 1/2). The Horny Frogs at TCU only have a student body of 9000. They should be classified as “1/2”… however… they almost match Kansas endowments, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut!

    I was looking online… Texas has more than $17-billion in endowments! That is more than 10x what Kansas has. I guess it is because of their size and being surrounded by all that oil money.

  • @drgnslayr Endowments have been going up at a lot of schools, but the cost of attending college the past 20 years have skyrocketed. Just back in the 70’s in state tuition was $265/semester when I started and about $650 when I left. Now it’s over 10 grand. The land and buildings were paid for long ago. Not very many new additions either. So why is Texas (or KU and others) getting so much more expensive to attend? Could it be they are all trying to limit the size of each class graduating college and raise the costs so more can’t afford it?

  • @JayhawkRock78 Since 1960, only the rising costs of healthcare have exceeded the rising costs of higher education. Notice the severe decline in completion /free market system in healthcare.

    Having worked in academia (years I’m not proud of), I can tell you that 1) Many, many expenditures are made that have nothing to do with educating students, and 2) It is a closed system (a finite number of institutions) that feels NO reason to contain costs and compete on the basis of “economical,” quality education. Leading schools increase tuition, all the others follow.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    I really don’t get it.

    We complained about school costs back in my day. But I was able to work a job while going to school and didn’t take a loan. That would hardly be possible today because of the steep costs.

    I do understand that there must be crazy costs around keeping a university open, but it still seems ridiculously high.

    What I wonder… all the online universities. Those will surely take a big chunk out of the big brick and mortar schools soon… especially as they gain more accreditation.

    I was told that the one thing America has that other countries can’t replicate is our college system. We definitely attract a higher percentage of foreign students than ever before.

    It seems that our universities are filling with all the “financially elite” students from around the world and so even hard working Americans will have a hard time buying into a college education.

    I have always believed that we must do whatever is in our powers to educate more of our population. It feels like we are going in the wrong direction.

    @714hawk - All good points.

    I watched the ‘60 Minutes’ interview with Malcolm Gladwell Sunday and he discussed how ridiculous the tuition was at some of the American Universities… I think he mentioned Harvard costing 10-times what it cost to attend university in Canada. He raised a valid point… “is the education at Harvard 10-times better than what is available in Canada?”

  • Took awhile, but I finally found that 2nd grader’s winning graphic:


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