Maybe KU-Wisconsin play in 2022

  • Both schools now included in the Battle for Atlantis. In the modern realm of college hoops no clue what both teams will look like. I’m guessing the Badgers will struggle this year with some new guys but who also are supposed to be pretty good and will be fairly competitive that season. I honestly have no clue who is going to be playing for KU in 2022.

    It’d be a fun early season matchup if it happens, apparently we beat us in 1969 that is KU beat the Badgers that year, so really old badger fans will be looking for vengeance. I’d have little conflict in my mind. A loss would not be damaging to either team, while the other team would get a nice SOS boost by winning.

    What other matchups would you like to see? I think a home and home with hated Duke and less hated UNC would be fun. I would enjoy seeing KU go into Mackey or the Assembly Hall at Indiana and play them with the return visit to AFH.

    Whom do we have games scheduled with in the next few years? What mid majors should we be playing? Should we schedule more true road games early in the season? (I think so)

    Questions, I have questions.

  • I dislike starting a season with a blue blood match up. Would better appreciate it after a month of games. Should be a better assessment of the quality of both teams.

    I’d like to see us always add in a few different quality teams early… someone from the Big 10, Pac 12… add in a quality mid-major just to gain that experience and forget for one game the “risk” factor.

    I feel pretty good about our early schedule usually.

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