FoxSports: Oh No! Weis & the 7 Dwarfs


    Not really sure how hot of a seat he is on since his contract still has a lot to pay out. I don’t think the big boosters are going to put up the payout this time around and KU Inc. don’t want to keep paying him like they have the previous 2 HCs. I understand what the author of the piece means. We as Kansas Football fans are ready to see improvement (aka WINS). But even if those wins aren’t there this year I don’t see anyway possible that we can buyout Charlie and get a respectable replacement.

    As for the other coaches, I can see why most of them are on the hot seat and do believe that if their respective teams don’t get the W’s then they will be canned. Florida won’t stand for another year of suck. And I’m shocked Nebraska hasn’t canned Bo yet. Isn’t that the same school that fired Solich after a 10-3 record??

  • @Kip_McSmithers I wish they would have shipped Solich to Lawrence. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have fired him after winning 9 or 10 games.

    Unless he called a player a mean name…

  • I read the article and was going to post it by you beat me to it. I believe the writer looked at normal expectation for the average football program; however, the expectations for the football program at KU are lower, an unfortunate side effect of the success of the basketball program.

    KU should win 2 of the 3 non-conference games (Southeast Missouri State and Central Michigan) since they are both at home. I don’t believe we stay close with a Duke team that finished last season ranked #25 and returns the majority of starters, although a close (away) game could be a morale booster.

    Three conference wins probably buys Coach Weis another year; 4 or more conference wins means a non-losing record and measurable progress. One conference win definitely places Coach Weis in the hot seat and two wins is borderline. Just my opinion.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    Charlie’s job is to rebuild the stuff that doesn’t show, not win.

    If his job were to win, he never would have been hired, since he couldn’t win at ND.

    His job is to build a bridge with the faculty to make the faculty not hate football players.

    His job is to NOT get KU into any recruiting investigations, while Zenger is digging deep to find where the bodies and past infractions are buried.

    His job is to set an example of good character and of playing hard, while Zenger moves myriad pieces around the board to ready for a probable near total rebuild of of the stadium that will one day probably only save a ten foot portion of the facade at the horse shoe end of the stadium.

    Charlie Weiss’ job is thankless from a fan stand point, but he could turn out to be the most important football coach in transitioning KU from a good team once every 15 years program to an actual properly foundationed and professionally operated football program. The more slowly Zenger moves the more faith I have in him, and I was doubtful of him at the beginning.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Hi Jaybate… I wish you were my boss and/or wife 🙂

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