Tarik Black to play 4 Houston in summer league-NEW LINK

  • The KC Star reports this great news-

    Link to Tarik’s story…

    Link made possible thanks to bskeet.

    Congrats to Tarik and best of luck.

  • if you put the link into your post, I’ll fix it so it works…

  • @bskeet

    Many thanks.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Dang! I hate for basketball to lose a guy like him to football. Protect your brain, Tarik. Even minor impacts do harm, according to the brain scanning research. God seems to have given you an above average one. You are big and powerful for a tight end. But linemen on both sides will outweigh you 60 pounds. And the strong safeties that are 30-35 pounds lighter will be closing on you from 20 yards on the dead run. And they are notorious for ferocity, fearlessly sacrificing their brain meat, and for delivering helmet impacts. And when you run an in, or a quick slant, linebackers may weigh what you weigh and like to eat their dead. Keep playing basketball. Please. Even though I know you could be a good footballer, don’t, if there were any other way.

  • Well today the Houston Chronicle said he was on the Rockets roster-not that the Texans couldn’t use his help on the gridiron.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Holy cow, did I miss read your post and how glad I am TB is with the Rockets!!!

    You made my day, after I unmade it by misreading your post.


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