ShoeCos... can't live with them... can't kill them!

  • ShoeCos… where is Jaybate when we need him most?

    Nike sues MSCHF over “Satan Shoes” (Lil Nas X). These were originally Nike shoes converted into Satan Shoes and reportedly has a drop of human blood in their souls. I’m pretty sure this is untrue because introducing human blood would make them a biohazard and state health authorities across America would ban their sale.

    What is pathetic… drama entertainment cases like this end up “bleeding” into college basketball. In this case, it already has. There are big time shoe artists who design many high$ shoes for pro ball now and they will be watching this case closely. These same individualized shoes will soon be working their way into a prominent role in college basketball. Expect highly touted recruits to be influenced by shoe artists and which schools they are contracted with.

    Coincidence that the timing matches up with March Madness and the Final Four? Ha… is there any doubt?

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