Headlinez/Counter Headlinez (6/20/14)

  • ESPN: Embiid out 4-6 months for foot, source says

    JSN: Next Chamberlain, or next Walton

    ESPN: Big Ten head: No Rose Bowl if players paid

    JSN: Says conference will fold and no Rose Bowl, if players paid: the odds of this are slimmer than the earth being swallowed by a black hole tomorrow.

    ESPN: Ware gets waiver to play for Georgia State

    JSN: Slick d’Ville’s Kevin Ware goes from Some Ware to No Ware

    ESPN: Charlotte coach recovering from eye surgery

    JSN: In the kingdom of the blind…

    ESPN: Tate George sentencing delayed until August

    JSN: Borrowing from Peter to pay Ponzi?

    ESPN: Wyoming’s Shyatt reaches 5-year extension

    JSN: 70-58 will get you $3.6M over 5, nice work if you can get it.

    ESPN: Marist names DIII’s Maker head hoops coach

    JSN: 82% in D-III will get you to Marist, then what?

    ESPN: Rock Chalk USA: KU to represent U.S. abroad

    JSN: When you need to stop a losing streak, call the Minister of Defense.

    ESPN: Nebraska coach Miles fined for negligent driving

    JSN: Negligence = Driving Under the Influence of Not Caring?

    ESPN: Hickey transfers to Oklahoma State from LSU

    JSN: A Ford not a Lincoln gets a Hickey not a Smart.

    ESPN: Penn St. AD retires effective Aug. 1

    JSN: Enough child molestation guilt, let’s win.

    ESPN: Samuels to coach penalty-riddled Florida A&M

    JSN: MU’s Winslow new A&M AD wants his own man to introduce Antlerism to an unsuspecting program?

    ESPN: Ex-Cowboy won’t be retried in assault case

    JSN: appeals court throws out former OSU player’s conviction of rape by instrumentation–don’t even ask.

    (Note: All satire. No malice.)

  • @jaybate

    I’m all in for JSN! Does it come w basic cable or bundled w the Longhorn/ShoeCo/ESPN 8 network?

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