U Games: Korean Dream or DMZ Nightmare

  • USA leadership in the university games clearly can’t figure out how to get gold.

    Opponents are lesser athletic pro teams long on skills that don’t play pro ball. Kind of like old USA semi pro teams–together for years, only playing international rules.

    So they give constraints–<25, not pros, current or former players–and ask USA coaches for ideas.

    Cal must have said my Nike OAD incomings plus Nike TADs could play AAU style that early but not much else.


    Self pitches an idea and wins.

    But what was it and how could it differ from Cal?

    1. adidas not Nike.

    2. Tharpe and his Selfie not part of mix.

    3. Self’s INCOMINGS this season have agreed unconditionally to be TADS and will participate.

    4. Jam Tray, Hunter, and Lucas with 2-3 years together will form the paint with Cliff.

    5. Self is signing a major big that will TAD.

    6. Mason, Connor, Greene will all have 2 years together and have the range to shoot the longer trey.

    7. His guys will be an experienced defense by then and you can’t beat neo-semi-pro teams in international ball without D.

    8. The red shirt season turned Tyler into a ringer!!!

    9. No-stick offense with masked hi-Lo just beat Lebron. We’re running that. It was my idea. Ask Bufford. It will beat neo-semi-pro teams.

    10. TRANSFERS can play without sitting. Self said he would be signing 2 that would knock their support socks off.

    11. My team will be experienced and more athletic than the neo-semi-pro teams.

    The above is the dream.

    The DMZ nightmare is that Mason, CF and Greene can’t shoot 40% from trey and Oubre, or Alexander aren’t ready for prime time by next summer.

    So coach’em up, Bill!

  • Banned

    @jaybate 1.0 Sometimes you just kill me. 😃 However as usual even in your insane rants you have a point of truth.

    Perry and CF are already on record as saying that they can’t wait to compete in this tournament. Other comments also say that Oubre and CliffA are more than happy to stay a few years in Jayhawk land.

    However the reality is the USA voting board realizes that Coach Cal can’t really coach. (meaning you don’t know what your going to get from his teams) KU had to be the choice to represent the USA.

  • @DoubleDD

    I feel the same way about your insane rants.


  • @jaybate 1.0

    Here is a link all our Jayhawks better get familiar with between now and then:


    …and coaches, too!

  • Banned

    @drgnslayr Well make it just a little easier. 🙂

    [http://members.shaw.ca/jazzace/ace/hoop/rulediff.html](link url)

  • @DoubleDD

    Thanks… how did you do that? Do you add html link code around the text? Can we use html in our posts?

  • Banned

    In the reply box there is a command button that looks like a chain link. Click on it and you get

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    (note) I had to put a space between the two links area so I could show the example. In order for the formula to work there can be no space between the two link areas.

    LIke I said practice makes perfect 😃

  • @DoubleDD

    The article below has a section that roughly outlines the procedure the committee used to select KU.

    "The U.S. International University Sports Federation’s choice of a complete college hoops squad was a change from years past, when American all-star teams were sent to the Games.

    Asked about the specific criteria that set KU apart, Jonas pointed to the Jayhawks’ five-year record — No. 1 in all of college basketball — plus preseason rankings, expected returners and last year’s RPI. A smaller, more speculative factor also played a role."

    link to story…

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