Exactly who is that leader of this team ? Do we have one ?

  • I think to an extent , at least to some degree I think one of the underlying problems , and has been discussed before is this team does not have a leader. In years past this team has always had a guy - -that guy with that bulldog mentality , that stand back type.

    In years past you had a guy that could and would just go out and get it done , that almost that I refuse to let this team lose who is it this year ?

    I think in recent past I can think of two guys for sure was that way. I don’t know maybe and hell I don’t know for sure if it was their thinking but just seem like they had that approach of a little chip on their shoulder thinking they had something to prove , SHOW they belonged and a guy that got over looked , under recruited so they took the team and just went out and done it.

    Those players ? - # 1 Frank Mason. Seemed like a man of little words , BUT a Man with big time response - look where it got him NCAA POY.- Tough as Nails , more clutch baskets , plays more often and not. # 2 - -Devonte Graham, again more often then not CLUTCH. These were guys that more often then not they were going to get the key bucket in game time - - Crunch time - -Show time & again these were players that was basically un recruited and look how it turned out. DAM what I would give to have someone like that again on this present team.

    So , who IS that guy on this team ? Answer , NO ONE. Who is that guy that’s willing to step up and try. Believe it or not even though he may not really have what you need to be that type of Guy , the guy that might actually come the closest to that guy very well might be Marcus Garrett, Hard to believe take for example yesterdays game - -the guy that fans just seem to try and rip up and spit out , the4 guy that other team backed off and people just cringed when he attempted a shot. - - turns out that he is now the only one who can hit a dam 3 until the game is no longer in question then OTHERS finally make one.

    Again not saying this is THE PROBLEM but for sure a part. - -We need that guy that can and will get in a team mates ass and give them a wake up call someone that can pull the team to get their crap together a guy that can also lead by example and take that shot we just DO NOT HAVE THAT GUY.

    This team has no shooters at the present time , it’s been brought out multiple times and I agree this is one of the less athletic teams in recent memory You know when you have to rely on your 5 guy to provide your points for you , your in big time trouble with a guy like Dave - not a knock on Dave but he just isn’t that type of guy. - -The one thing he has proven that he at least does have a little more offensive game then just Dunks , not sure where the hell the defense has went really sad display lately the last few games other teams wide open 3’s and open drives to the hole - no help defense These players have lost their selfs - - No Confidence at all, just haven’t seen where the entire 5 has hit the wall like these guys have, very rarely seen that before , again I know this isn’t THE problem but is for sure part of the problem

  • 2011-2012 runner up, Tyshawn, Withey, TRob, Releford and EJ were all good, but didn’t feel like anyone was THE guy, maybe TRob or Withey if I had to pick. But I think every one of them was superior to the player in their position on this team at this point. They were also all upperclassmen. There’s time for this group.

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