More Headlinez/Counter-Headlinez

  • ESPN: Cyclones hit with 2nd DWI arrest in 2 months

    JSN: ISU names the basketball floor: Fred Hoiberg Traffic Court.

    ESPN: Spartans add high-scoring transfer Forbes

    JSN: Bryn and Eron form Ratso’s backcourt in waiting.

    ESPN: O’Bannon trial: Pay talk dominates

    JSN: Players making money off the college game would be perceived like hired guns, according to Neil Pilson who makes money off the college game.

    ESPN: Proposal: Pay college players off TV money

    JSN: Proposal: Pay the college players out of ESPN’s ad revenues.

    ESPN: Mizzou guarantees Anderson $1.1M annually

    JSN: Since no one wanted the job, Fizzou had to overpay?

    ESPN: UK, UNC, Ohio St. in Bahamas field for Aug.

    JSN: One gets a bye and just plays the casino?

    (Note: All satire. No malice.)

  • @jaybate 1.0

    And KU goes to Korea to eat kimchi. Filmed at 11…

  • We gonna RCJH, Gangnam-style!

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