KU basketball alumni game 2014

  • Did anyone check out any footage or clips on any of the action that took place today? I was surprised that Brannen Greene led all scorers during the scrimmage that took place today tbh. I have been watching the camp drills and post game interviews and have been very impressed on how every ones bulking up or slimming down to be at their best come October. It was good to hear that Mclemore played against Selden and that Selden outscored him during game 1. After watching some of the clips I was impressed with the little I saw. Anyone else see anything or have something to add?

  • @Statmachine great news about Greene, been hoping he proves himself. Can’t take much from a preseason-no coach scrimmage, but the new kids are getting a good taste! Pretty rough and fast! Very fun to watch! Mason was scoring pretty easily and Mari had a solid game too, forgot, Selden played great. I listened to the podcast and was impressed to hear Mari and Greene both talking about being leaders! I never imagine Mari starting this year and I’m a huge fan, but maybe he can start? I saw some drills from yesterday and Hunter was moving quicker than I imagined. I had no idea how he would do! Seems like dropping weight has been positive. Their roundball Classic is on cox 22 or metro sports if you are around Lawrence, tomorrow, 7-9:30. I know Sherron is back, anxious to see him. Rock Chalk!

  • Watch out for Bruce Pearl’s Auburn team. If he has the right 3-4 walk-ons, he could have a giant-killer on his hands… … …

  • @ralster is Anrio Adams there?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 O MY! You are up for the Nuleaf Laugh of the Day Award!

  • Last season, Greene was 3-4 from 3 in the same scrimmage, and we were talking about his three point shooting. Lucas was 4-6 from the floor, and he was a “darkhorse” to play.

    I would say this season, the main item that I saw that concerned me from the scrimmage (because it was also a concern coming in) was that Alexander didn’t seem comfortable/struggled with his back to the basket. Not that I think it is a big issue for the guy, it’s just that his whole career is sped up. He’s a freshman. He should be treated as such. But he has to come in and produce now. And be a big impact player now. Can he be effective in the post, with his back to the basket, against D-1 post players?

    While I am a Brannen Greene fan, I don’t see that this scrimmage gives us any insight into the starters or playing time. The only thing I noticed was that CF was with the alums, and Mason was not. Does that mean that Mason is ahead of CF in Self’s eyes?

  • @REHawk serious!

  • @HighEliteMajor Did you go to the scrimmage? If so, what else did you notice? I know we can’t take much away from these but very curious.

  • @HighEliteMajor I know that we cant take much from the alumni games played this summer. What I saw was that Wayne was hands down the best player on the floor. He was getting his team involved and was a part of what seemed like every successful basket on the scoring end. I believe he is the new voice of the 2014-2015 team. I think it was Matt Scott that said he looked like a pro playing against college kids. He looked comfortable, focused, and a lot like his high school highlight videos except playing against Mclemore and company. I would much rather have him leading the squad next year than some whiny baby pg with Self confidence issues. Out of game one that is my unprofessional observation and opinion.

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