Ya Know still find it hard to believe some still want less Marcus

  • Marcus is just fine. Numbers don’t lie , the kid averages 5 rebounds a game from a guard spot - - -he has a 3.6 assist avg - -THAT breaks down to a 3-1 turnover assist ration which leads the team. ( 32-11 )

    Leads the team in Steals , Who would of thought this - -Marcus also leads the team in free throw % 86.4 % from the line- -( 19 - 22 ) from the line look how he has improved not even close in this cat the next closest is shooting 80 %

    Remember when people cringed when he would shoot the ball ? - - remember when people said he was a non factor on the offensive end ? - -how he was a liability ? - -how they wouldn’t even guard Marcus ? now shooting the 3 at a 42 % clip = - - - pretty dam decent - improved dramatically - -Yet people want him to sit more - -we have to have Marcus on the floor. Brings leadership and an all around game -no body better defensively and numbers show he takes care of the ball 11 turnovers in 9 games - -plzzzzzz who is better? - -it’s cool you want him to sit - -that’s on you Me Myself I’ll take a Marcus Garrett any day of the week. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer67 I think most people would prefer him on the floor but off ball. Who is bagging on him that you’re seeing?

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