You Want Great Seats at AFH? No Problem... Earn Them!

  • In reality… I don’t care who sits near the court if they can show the most enthusiasm. But typically, it is students who own enthusiasm in AFH.

    The environment in AFH is partly about history… but in a game environment it is all about enthusiasm.

    The following is the answer to who gets closest to the court every year:

    If you want to sit close you have to EARN those seats with something other than a financial contribution. From here on out, there will be video cameras installed to watch all seats close to the floor. After every season ticket holders will be judged on enthusiasm and those who are most enthusiastic will get options on the best seats in the following year. Every fan will be ranked and it is that ranking that will determine how close their seats are.

    We’ll come up with a cleaver way of forming judging panels. There will be some judging redundancy to guarantee fair and impartial judging.

    Let’s look at some of the things that are viewed as typical positive fan enthusiasm:

    1. Paying attention to the game.

    2. Screaming and applauding frequently.

    3. Wearing Kansas clothing, including face and body makeup.

    4. Positive and original signage. (within venue regs)

    5. Participation in group positive antics… group signs, group dances, etc.

    6. Attending games… arriving on time and staying until the end.

    7. Support for the band.

    There you go. Be a good fan and guarantee your seats! Imagine how competitive it would get and how much improved it would become in a short time! We would easily obtain any recruit we want. We would dominate all of college basketball when it comes to venues and fans. I seriously doubt we would ever lose another game in AFH… ever!

    This country was built on a concept of competition. Let’s make the rules based on American ideals instead of strictly financial royalty. If we absolutely have to tie in the financial aspect, weigh it in at a lower factor than fan enthusiasm.

  • I would, for sure, be moved from the very top row, down to the first!!! Let’s just say, I have a lot of fun, even “up there”!

  • I don’t own season tickets to AFH because I wouldn’t be able to make most of the games.

    But if I did, I’m guessing my own enthusiasm would put me somewhere in the middle on distance to the floor and near the FT line on either side. Those would be great seats and I would be satisfied for the level of enthusiasm I bring to the game matching my seating quality.

    I would prefer to be behind fans that would go one or two steps further than me in enthusiasm. Those fans (in my opinion) deserve slightly better seats and will be great fan representatives for our school and team.

    Imagine, if you will, when Game Day comes to Lawrence and the cameras don’t have to be so selective on camera angles near the student section… intentionally including only rabid students and avoiding the less-enthusiastic areas.

    It really is misleading… TV attempts to show these games like the entire venue is packed with rabid fans, but in reality, those fans are only in a small area of the seating.

    Imagine… an entire AFH packed with screaming fans? I’m not sure a game could even be played as the sound level might create physical issues with the players.

    I’d like to test that out…

    One last thought… don’t we all want the most-enthusiastic fans to be seated below us so we can watch them? Doesn’t that help inspire all the fans sitting behind them?

  • @drgnslayr my son and I were at the last border war game and pretty much everyone was screaming! On that top row, I can see everyone! Jk!

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