Should I watch the season?

  • When the university and the b-ball team went all BLM here earlier this year, I turned them off in my feeds and didn’t even read the news daily like I had for years. Didn’t even realize the season had started in November. Haven’t watched a game. Haven’t read a news story. Don’t think I could tell you a player on the team other than a holdover or two.

    Did cruise through here once when I realized a game was being played to see what kinda action was going on. Still debating whether to care or not.

    Had cut off most professional sports several years ago. Never thought I’d renounce my Jayhawk basketball but seems wasn’t all that hard when the shit just gets too deep. Not saying won’t dip back in but no way to watch and won’t pay for ESPN bullshit. So, what’s one to do.

    Thought I’d pop in, say hi. Might check back to see if there are any good reasons to come in from the cold.


  • @Bwag to be honest I can’t remember a time when I thought about KU actively promoting BLM since the season started. It’s been a non factor imo.

  • I’m a little confused. Why are you not watching? What exactly caused you to tune them out…?

  • @Bwag I’m not saying this to be mean or sarcastic, but do you think you could be depressed? I’ve had some experience with that over the years and one of the symptoms is just not giving a crap about anything.

    Now, not watching the news - that’s just self preservation. I did that many years ago, and I wouldn’t change it. Cancelled the newspaper and watch only things that don’t make me want to puke.

    There are lots of good reasons to watch KU basketball. It’s FUN. One thing there hasn’t been much of in 2020. They’re good. I mean, if you were a K-State fan I’d tell you to just keep the stupid TV off. But these guys are good. And it feels good to be excited. Even to be frustrated or disappointed. It feels good to FEEL.

    Turn em on tonight, brother. ESPN2 at 8:00 CST. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

  • @nuleafjhawk Thanks for the concern. Not at all depressed. Just came to a realization that I don’t need sports when they mix politics and stupid politics at that.

    Focused on trying to retire by putting my investments on steroids. Working hard via Zoom (yes, that’s kinda depressing). And ride my mountain bike nearing 1500 miles on beautiful single track trails this year.

    @approxinfinity haven’t thought about BLM since the season began either. BTW, when did the season start? 🙂 I just had had enough of sports being politicized with stupid communist groups and socially destructive movements. Big fan of Jason Whitlock and his perspective.

    At this point, it’s as much I won’t pay for a feed that support idiot tv stations. May pick some games to go to a bar/restaurant and watch. But will no longer support Universities. Don’t care if they burn down and go broke. Actually, hope they burn down and go broke.

    Guess that’s why I posted here and not on the bball section. I think we’re ranked and doing well. Guess one thing that made me aware college bball was going on was an article with Mike Consonants saying the season should be cancelled when Zero Hedge was laughing at him because his team was something like 2-2 since no home court advantage.

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