Self's System: 85% Tried and True

  • Bill Self would not have climbed to the heights he has without having developed and held tenaciously to a system which has led to an almost mindboggling string of league titles and an NCAA D1 winning record second to no other coach in recent years. He has done so without the annual services of squads loaded with Top 20 talent. Now that the acquisition and performances of one and done players Embiid and Wiggins (and Black) have paved the way for more lucrative recruiting among topranked teens and proven transfer players who will spend less time than most former Jayhawks have invested in learning and performing Bill Self System Basketball, I am intensely focused on watching adjustments which evolve in the Self presentation. One of my favorite novelists writes, “There is great audacity in the willingness to change, more than a little optimism, and a serious dose of courage.” Self has always been a determined competitor, probably as doggedly courageous as any coach in the game. Will his willingness to change keep pace with the new face of Jayhawk hoops squads, soon to be glutted with starting players who might spend only a year or two in Lawrence?

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