Which seniors should be brought back next season?

  • Les Miles has said that he’d like to have 5-8 seniors return next season. Kyron Johnson has already spoken about wanting to return so that’s likely 1. Miles has said he’d like convince Parchment to change his mind and stay. Here’s the list of potential seniors that could be brought back next season.

    • Ricky Thomas, S

    • Elijah Jones, CB

    • Stephon Robinson Jr., WR

    • Thomas MacVittie, QB

    • Kwamie Lassiter II, WR

    • Ezra Naylor II, WR

    • Denzel Feaster, LB

    • Nate Betts, S

    • Liam Jones, K

    • Malik Clark, LG

    • Adagio Lopeti, OL

    • Chris Hughes, OL

    • James Sosinski, TE

    • Jack Luavasa, TE

    • Sam Burt, NT

    Out of that group, I wouldn’t mind Stephon Robinson, Kwame Lassiter, Denzel Feaster, Malik Clark, and Sam Burt being the guys Miles asks back. Maybe Ricky Thomas as well with Davon Ferguson officially announcing his intentions to transfer. That group plus Kyron Johnson would be 7 returners and are all guys that would figure to be on the 2 deep next season which is what you’d want in a situation like this.

    As much as I’d like to see Drew Prox return, he’s just so injury prone that I don’t see it being worth bringing him back to likely miss a big chunk of 2021.

  • I’ll take any WR, Hughes, Clark (as long as he’s at guard), Betts, Thomas, and I guess MacVittie. Though sounds like he’s ready to hang up the cleats.

  • Hughes , Robinson Clark , Feaster , Burt

  • We never got to see MacVittie, injuries hurt his PT

  • Is Logan jr coming back?

  • Robinson in the portal.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Which seniors should be brought back next season?:

    Is Logan jr coming back?

    Kenny’s just a sophomore. He’ll 100% be back. He and Prunty are close.

  • Burt is coming back.

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