Calipari gets huge contract

  • ““I’ve said over and over that I have the best job in the country,” Calipari said.”

    I could have sworn he recently said the best job in the country would be coaching LeBron James? Am I missing something?

  • Maybe Cal was sending signals to Kentucky they’d better up the ante.

  • During the administrations of the immediate past and current U.S. presidents, economists and newscasters persistently insist that this great nation absolutely wallows in economic chaos and fiduciary mayhem. If that is to be believed, and accepted as dreadful financial gloom, what in all holy hell does it say for this nation that the likes of Calipari, Coach K and our very own Jayhawk mentor are bagging these astronomically insane contracts?

  • @REHawk

    What it says is we are reaching the financial status of say a banana republic. Venture south of the border and look at what those soccer players make and compare it to the guy on the street.

    Big problem with that. The starving little guy doesn’t mind it as long as his team wins and his players play to his expectations. We’ve seen what happens when players fail to meet those expectations.

    I hope we never reach that extreme!

  • Isn’t it funny the hatred towards CEO’s leading multi-billion dollar corporations with their million dollar salaries? Yet those same people have no problem with an NFL qb who just signed a 6 year deal for $110 million while they pay high ticket, parking, beer and food prices 8 Sundays a season on $60K/year.

  • @brooksmd I was a big chiefs fan when they were good-late 60s early 70’s, then became a college football fan while at KU in the 70s. Followed some of the Ku players who made it to the NFL like Cromwell if it was televised. Otherwise it was too much money to go to a game. Even now I choose to spend my money elsewhere-in fact “The Skeeters” AAA club down in Sugarland Texas are a lot more fun than the Astros for pennies on the dollar. And I only go about once a year-I just don’t care about pro sports other than pulling for a Jayhawk at that level.

  • @brooksmd It is pretty funny actually to me that some folks that have hatred for the CEO making millions have no actual concept of what that a CEO does, or why he gets paid what he does. Your quarterback example is excellent. Monetary “worth” is based on the money your create, in both cases.

    Coaches Cal, Self, K, etc … referenced by @REHawk, make money because of their value to their employer. If there isn’t value, then they wouldn’t get the contract.

    What is so wrong with that? Respectfully, the contracts aren’t insane (as reference by @REHawk).

    They are insane only when money – the value of the business enterprise – is taken out of the equation.

    We may perceive them as insane because the contracts are beyond our reach.

    On the other hand, that doesn’t make Cal, K, or Self geniuses. I’ve seen folks post here that Self, if he wasn’t the KU coach, would be CEO of a corporation. That’s just silly to assume. He found his niche. He’s no genius. As I’ve mentioned before, @jaybate and other folks here are surely much smarter than Self would ever hope to be. Listen to him talk. He has trouble putting together coherent sentences sometimes. I obviously can’t say for sure. But take Self out of it – college hoops coaches in general.

    Most found their niches, and have exploited it.

    No different than Brad Pitt, Bruce Springsteen, Oprah Winfrey, Peyton Manning, or the dude on Pawn Stars.

    I’m guessing, not a rocket scientist among them. But they have found a way to create money, and they get paid accordingly.

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