Speaking of point guards; and a shorter time clock

  • If, indeed, the NCAA eventually reduces the current time clock to, say, 30 seconds, as Bill Self appears to favor, the concept of “Lead Guard” in the Kansas system might be in for some tweaking. A shorter clock would call for quicker decision making on the part of the player who brings the ball upcourt; less time for hi/lo maneuverings; less time for the 3-side swing. The role of Jayhawk “lead” guard might metamorph into more of a standard “point” guard schematic. Interesting that Pat Riley envisioned the potential for Mario to play into the lead guard role with such a short 24 second shot clock…

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    Self likes the shorter time clock, because he is a defensive coach. The shorter time clock means you don’t have to guard as long. The offense has less chance to run action on you. The shorter time clock is like a sixth defender, if Self can get them to shorten it up as much as the NBA clock, his defenses will become decisive again.

    Another advantage of shorter time clock is for the defense with a rim protector, which Self has been able to sign quite a few of. A shorter time clock means there are fewer ball reversals. Usually only one and that means that the rim protector only has to fight across the lane for position once, which means he can spend a lot more time rim protecting and a lot less time fighting through XTReme Muscle to rim protect.

    Self is nobody’s fool about the shorter shot clock. He knows that the NBA depends massively on rim protection defense exactly because of the short shot clock. He knows KU’ recruiting calling card is Big Man U.

  • @jaybate 1.0 Well said sir!

  • Here is a good take on Coach Self’s take on the shorter clock…

    Link to Coach Self’s take on the shorter clock…

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