KU's Gary Woodland just misses out

  • I couldn’t find a spot for posts about sports other than BBall and FBall, so this looks like a good a place as any…

    Former KU golfer Gary Woodland lost in a playoff today at the PGA tournament in Malaysia. He’s really stepped up his game lately, with a win, a second-place and a third-place finish in the past few months.

    The guy hits the ball a ton and usually leads the tour in driving distance. He needs to work on his short game, though…missed a 10-footer Sunday that would’ve given him the win outright. Still, $750K for second place ain’t chump change!

  • Is that the guy Riggle recognized at Late night?

  • There you go @nwhawkfan … made a new category for other sports / teams. We weren’t using the Events bucket at all, so I think this makes sense.

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  • Thanks for setting up this category, approx.

    It’s good to have a place to recognize Jayhawks in non-major sports as well, like the NCAA champions in women’s track & field. Hope another KU team can make a title run soon…maybe volleyball?

  • @nwhawkfan Sorry nw, I am consolidating the other sports bucket to clean up a little – changed football to be “& other sports”

  • No problem…I understand that you’ve got space limitations, and the “other sports” only get the odd mention.

    Actually, before the West Virginia game, I was beginning to think KU football WAS an “other sport”…

    P.S. Thanks for bringing back the black-on-white setup for comments. As others have said, it might not really be the easiest to read, but it’s what our eyes have gotten used to.

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