So i see where ol Bruce Pearl up to his bag of tricks

  • just read where Auburn and ol Brucie Boy are self imposing a post season ban for the 20/21 Season. - -Way to go Bruce - - Smooth lol. A lot of people seem to believe they might just be doing this because I guess there might be some shadiness with one of their prize recruits a player Named Shariffe something ?- -can’t remember the last name who is now weighing all his options - -like playing over sea’s

    Some are saying very nice doing this cause them with the possibility with a young team not even making the Tourney - - OR doing this because of the COVID season like it is or might be - -lot’s of possibilities , - People saying Bruce Pearl - -just doing Bruce Pearl things - - hmmmm.

    Others saying they hope the NCAA will see things for what they are and realize EXACTLY what Bruce is trying to do - Well Done Brucie - -Well Done lmao - - GOOD LUCK - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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