Guys who are we feeling here ? I think we already know

  • My friends let me ask you all , are you getting that feeling in the pit of your stomach ? - -I know I am , with the way this dam COVID is racing /spiking now and no vaccine yet I just don’t see how many games will get played this Season , and probably screwing us of another Season.

    They have announced that NO fans will be allowed in the KU/UK game on the 1st of December, I think we all realize when it’s all said and done that there will be NO FANS - - zero in the Phog IF we do get to play any , right now at this minute we get to have what 1.500 for the games ? - -I look for that to change with them announcing no fans at the rest of KU football - -be ready no fans in the Phog is coming. I think your going to see a lot of cancellations.

    They were talking to Weber at K-State the other day he said they had planned on having a scrimmage with referee’s the other day & they couldn’t even scrimmage 4 on 4 because of the COVID. - - Weber talked about how important walk on’s very well could be this year cause I guess one of the regulations is for the Season you have to have 7 Scholarship players available to be able to play games this Season

    I hate it guys, but I think we are going to take a HUGE HIT again. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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