Sorry guys ,I know this isn't immediate KU but still College Basketball / IZZO

  • DAM , just found out Izzo from Michigan State has tested positive for the COVID. - - was watching his release video talking about - - seems to be a little shook. Says still trying to figure it out , has no idea how he got it.

    Says he has followed all the guidelines and says just goes to show how serious this really is. Says he has visited any Frat houses or anything just been pretty much work and staying at home - -Only thing I can say hoping all turns out for Coach - -seems to be a quality guy always has some really good teams = - -sorry to hear- -like i said sure looks/sounds like caught him off guard said they had been following testing and all that stuff. - -Anyways good Luck Coach

  • listened to his conference, made a pretty profound statement towards the end he said : Guys do what you do I don’t blame you for believing in what you believe in BUT for me I have no problem wearing a Mask - -hell I’ll even wear an Apron he said if tha’ts what I’m told i need to do to beat this thing

    he said right now he doesn’t feel to bad - - no temp just a little bit of a cough nothing to serious though 0 said but he is only two days in , could get a little worse he said who knows - just has no idea where he could of got it - -said hell may have touched something then touched his eyes , said he may never know justhoping for the best for Coach Izzo

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