Well guys you had to know this was coming

  • Well just got through reading article from the WIBW web site here in Topeka , and I’ll just say surely people didn’t think that this Corona Virus was just going to go magically away. It’s not going to go away for awhile and after reading some of these responses - -actions just verifies WHY it’s not. - -Whether people want to realize or not we are spiking again and even confirmed by Health agencies. - -here is what I’m talking about Governor said she was afraid this would happen.

    The article talks about more and more schools having outbreaks and circumstances here they are :

    El Dorado High School : Quarantines their Soccer team after cases.

    Haysville & Derby Quarantines their football teams after cases now here is one reason this won’t go away because of the actions: - You have a High School that Quarantines the Football team because of the virus BUT YET says they are going to play their Football game Friday night - - - - Genius

    Atwood School: moves their classes to remote after cases

    Abilene : All classes suspended for 2 weeks after 4 adults tested positive and 4 others waiting results on their tests.

    Winfield High : - -All Volleyball practices & Matches Suspended after 2 students tested positive

    Fort Scott High: Football suspended for two weeks

    Independence: Football suspended for two weeks

    Chanute : Cancelled Football ( So here is another reason this won’t go away - - - Cancelled Football but yet continuing classes going against the recmendation of the State re-opening guideline - - ( Another Genius decision )

    Rosevelt Elementary in Ark City : banned in person classes for two weeks after positive case

    Francis Willard Elementary in Ark City : Suspended in person classes for 2 weeks after positive

    In Johnson county over 100 people who had contact with Positive COVID told they needed to Quarantine for 14 days -have Parents objecting about Quarantine - -THIS is why this isn’t going any where. - - -People just don’t gave a crap anymore , would much rather these kids go ahead go to school get infected with this crap just as long as they are out from underneath parents feet. - -THIS is why this is going to continue.

    We are only going to see this get worse. More Schools High School & elementary as long as this goes on like this - sooner then later your going to see schools going to shut down - - AGAIN and be 100 % on line - I’m telling you - - watch it’s coming if this by irresponsible parents don’t get their crap together - -going against recomendations is bullshit - -how stupid are you ? -You play stupid games - - you win stupid prizes.

    The State now since the beginning of this is up to 53,959 cases - - & 600 Deaths - - for a State the size of Kansas - - that’s insane - - -just fro the Weekend we had 1,674 NEW cases and 4 more Deaths -doesn’t matter how you try and twist that - - -THAT is a Spike

  • @jayballer67 No doubt. And I knew it was coming. But while being cautious, we also have to live.

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