6'6" European kid Mykhailiuk

  • Man O Man, if Self brings this recruit to roost in Lawrence this season, half our speculations regarding the 1,2,3 positions go out the window. Fran sizes him up as a shooting guard who can play some point. Sounds like another “lead” guard. Although just approaching 17, if he comes aboard, someone on the current roster is bound to opt for a red shirt. And if he already is wavering between a U.S. college experience vs. playing professionally in the Euro League, his amateur time in the States would most likely be brief.

  • I brought him up last week in a board and the attitude here was pretty ho-hum. I thought like you did that he would be a great addition to the team.

  • I’d like to see him pick the Jayhawks but I won’t be getting my hopes up. We may be tied for the lead on him but he’s still considering Euro League ball which will I suspect will win out. Which is just my speculation and by no means insider info.

  • He will most likely follow the Ricky Rubio approach of honing his game professionally in Europe, and making a lot of money in the process, and coming to the NBA when ready.

    Having said that, the fact that his parents are teachers might influence him to try college here, but I would say it is a long shot.

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