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  • Hey everyone, I was wondering if some of our more experienced posters on here, , who have been watching the sport and probly coaching hoops for quite some time would be willing to post an obscure rule or play on offense or defense for people like myself, for example, I have been a fan since '88 but I have only recently really started to study the game and how it is played on both ends of the court, say about '06 or '07 is when I really started to learn more. There are still a few rules I don’t understand and Im still learning to see the difference between motion, spread, Princeton, high-low offenses etc. Same goes for defenses. So yah, I can read up on this stuff all I want but I would enjoy another resource very much. Especially if it could be tied to a KU game that I can dvr and watch more than once. Im more of a visual learner so it would help more.

  • There are several things you could add to the list… like the dribble-drive offense which gained notice because of Calipari… I guess you meant the same thing mentioning “motion offense.”

    That’s a pretty big request. I’m not sure anyone will feel like they can condense it down well enough to inform you properly or feel qualified. I know I don’t think I could explain it well enough to teach on a blog… or maybe even in person!

    The better solution would be if we find one book modern enough to cover what is going on today. You really want to find something written in the past few years because of all the nuances bringing change to the game. You wouldn’t think the game changes that much, but you’d be surprised and it would be a great find for all of us in here. I would like to read up on some junk defenses and even some of the zone defensive twists added at Syracuse.

    I always like to see new plays… there seems to be unlimited variations on high ball screens, in-bounds plays, and defensive pinches. Remember Withey coming on top and pinching guards last year?

    I would look for something specific to college basketball because the rules differ in the pros making the games very different.

    Hey… I did find this website:

  • Here’s a basic look at the 3-2 hi-lo similar to what Self runs. I think CS has created several variations off this set.

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