@FarmerJayhawk Also keep in mind that most cord cutting options like Roku, PSVue, Sling and others are not true a la carte options yet, they offer different packages based on similar type of programs such as premium movie channels, sports, travel and cooking, and options like that. Getting a conference network into those line ups as part of a sports package is what each of the conferences needs to do. The B12 is out in the cold on this because they don’t have a conference network because of the Longhorn Network which ESPN doesn’t want to roll over into a B12 Network which would the smart move on their end since the LHN isn’t available everywhere because they won’t do a deal with Comcast. Make it a B12 Network and Comcast would pay the price ESPN wants. I really do believe one of the P5 conferences is going to die during the next round of realignment which is coming in the next 5 years and it’s going to be the B12 because the lack media markets outside of Texas that anyone cares about.