Imagine how quickly the Chancellors would have counsel find a way to end minor sports if the petroshoecos pulled out.


They would lobby the Fed’s and that would be that.

I would gladly give up the minor sports to get the petroshoecos and their summer game teams out of control of where recruits have to go.

I detest what the petroshoeco capture of college ball has done.

March Carney.

Apparent Tournament engineering with whistle asymmetry and biased seeding.

The same 4-6 schools with the best shot EFY.

It is all so contrived.

Endless rule changes aimed not at improving the game but at making sure the OADs get their hype.

D1 is captured by a shoe oligopoly.

It’s run like a car business, not a sport.

4-6 teams.

The rest are irrelevant.