@brooksmd When you were here the water was still very high from the flood So fishing then was mostly impossible on our property. That has all receded so the normal summer routine is the MO till hot weather fades. The SWPA generates so much power by releasing water from the bottom of the dam through the generators that the fish eat really well & are tough to catch. Also when they sound the horns at the spillway the water level can change dramatically in a short period of time. think I caught 3-4 total last week. Fall & winter ️ are prime time for trophies I’m told. February was PDG this year but March is when the rain came. That entirely screwed up the program till the middle of July. Was talking to a neighbor at waters edge one day last week & a beautiful bald eagle landed about yards away on the south side of the lake right at eye level. Nice treat this time of year to see one at all. Was first time I had ever seen one that close. Last winter was common to spot them with the binoculars from the house up on the bluffs probably 1/2 mile or more away.