I think a KU, WSU match up would be a good game this year. I’d take any of our starting guards over CF and Morris is solid but hasn’t really had to face a guy like Doke to this point. I gotta lotta hate on here for saying WSU would beat us in 2015, so much that I started a new account a few months later lol. But shouldn’t they have beaten us? They had all Juniors and Seniors that not only had tons more tournament experience but arguably 2 of the best players in WSU history. Now WSU is finding out even in a conference that’s probably the 5th-7th ranked it isn’t easy winning everynight. All the WSU fans were talking about how they got SMUs best shot what not and I was like try being KU, you don’t think every coach and player in the B12 is tired of hearing about 13 straight and wants to beat KU?