In my book, there is only one situation that can compete with a good 4-guard offense… it’s having two bigs, one who is a monster in the post, and the other that has mastered the trey. Talk about taking one out of the NBA script…

Except for maybe Duke… I can’t think of another D1 team that could guard an offense like that. Especially when your trey-shooting big can haul arse up and down the court!

When Doke was in the mix, I had dreams of this team really killing it with Dedric on the trey and Doke in the post.

So… the heck with it. Bill will adapt. He will turn this into a formidable 4-guard team.

The guy we really need to step up now for 40 minutes a game… is Vick. He is doing much better than at any time during his KU career, but he still goes stealth for long periods. He just falls back into a comfort zone, especially when the other team puts more pressure on him. That’s when he has to realize his answer is to turn up the juice and do it his way. He sometimes gets a bit frustrated and tries to do things that aren’t there, consequently, turning the ball over too much or forcing a few shots. Fortunately, he’s a good enough shooter that he makes quite a few of his highly-guarded shots. But this isn’t how he needs to finish his senior year at Kansas. He needs to focus a bit more on creating without the ball to break open for more catch and shoots… or catch/shot fake/drives.

No one in D1 can stop Vick when he plays the right game and focuses on his skill set and the parts of the game he has already mastered!