@justanotherfan I heard a podcast about that several years ago. Interesting concept. I guess the only part of it I don’t really care for is the fact that some of the thrilling comebacks that occur, i.e. 2008 as was mentioned, probably don’t occur.

Also, Poke a Doke/Hack a Happ might still be a useful strategy because you guess there’s less chance of our team scoring two points every time down the floor. If we’re losing 62-60 and 63 is the threshold, hack Doke still makes sense. Keeping the other team from shooting a 3 by fouling also becomes a strategy because giving up 1-2 points means the team with 62 comes down the floor and just needs a bucket.

Intentionally missing a FT also might come into play. Now it’s 62-61 and Doke makes the first by a miracle. Miss the 2nd on purpose and maybe we strategize how to miss, get an offensive rebound.