@Paloma Welcome and great story. I’d love to hear about 2008. This is a repeat for some-so scroll down if it looks familiar. My dad grew up in KCMO and was always a big Mizzou fan. We ended up moving to OP in my youth and I ended up going to KU. After I went to KU I got him interested in KU and he became a huge fan. I moved to LA around 1989 and he would give me updates as KU info was hard to come by. At some point he had season tickets and he hooked me up for the KU-Duke Game at the Pond in Anaheim in 2003. We talked KU basketball more and more as time went on. By 2008 I was living in Texas and flew him down for the final 4. I have a picture in my office of us in the stands and behind us the team is celebrating the NCAA championship on the floor. What a weekend. Dad’s health went down from there including Cancer (twice). In 2013 KU hooked me up with advance tickets to Late Night at the fog and I flew up (neither of us had ever been). By then he was in a wheel chair-lucky because we were at the handicap entrance and didn’t have to deal with the rush to the doors disaster. Anyway we had a marvelous time at late night-it was our last outing-dad didn’t make to Christmas. What great memories! RCJH.