So this could be interesting. - -How possibly returns

  • So curious , since the NCAA passed the rule for this year , that it’s really a FREE year for everybody this Season whether you play , you Red Shirt , you opt out - you still get this year, if your a freshman - -your a freshman next year.

    Thing is really curious how many of these Seniors might come back NEXT year. - could be really interesting if players such as Parchment - - - Robinson - - Lassiter - -MacVittie - -Mayberry would come back. - -I could seesome of them coming back. could help them that extra year working on their game

    Think Parchment , Robinson might have a chance to try as a free Agent - -extra year could help their chances

    Then you have Feaster - - -Prox - - -Chris Hughes - - Kyron Johnson - - Could help them - -would help us. - -Also will help our numbers -I really think there is a good shot a few DO return. – What do you think ? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I touched on this in the roster thread, but I doubt many come back. First, KU would have to fund additional scholarships both in football and non-revenue sports to maintain Title IX compliance. Remember, scholarships have to be distributed equally based on the gender breakdown of the university. KU is something like 58/42 female so nearly 60% of the additional funds would have to go to women’s sports, and it’s unclear KU is willing to spend the money. Next, a lot of the 5th year guys who aren’t in graduate school will just move on rather than add another stupid major or minor. Time to either start life or try their hands at the NFL (or rebooted XFL). Finally, given that everybody gets an additional year, the staff will likely process a lot of older guys to make room for younger talent. Maybe they try to get some key pieces back, like Prox and some OL to balance the classes, but I don’t think many will use it.

  • I will also add this could end with football free agency after the 2021 season. Everyone will still have just 85 scholarships to work with, but you’ll still have six classes worth of players since 2020 doesn’t count toward eligibility. So a lot of guys will transfer looking for new places, and the NCAA has been giving out runoff waivers like candy this offseason. Without guaranteed financial aid, many will be on the lookout for new homes come the 2021 offseason.

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