Les , the Ol Mad Hatter

  • Boy I think we can all agree , from an interview stand point Ol Les rates about a 3 , he is just so dry and to outside people they would think/say geez what’s up with this guy ? – BUT

    When you watch the Mad Hatter with the kids , hear him talk with them for me personally - - - -i mean WOW , the guy just gives me goose bumps. Hell makes me wanna play for him , you can just tell/hear the connection he has with the Players - -gives me chills - - get’s me fired up.

    With the recruiting that he and his staff has gotten done , I’m tellin ya you can see the turn around in this program RIGHT THERE. His 2nd year of recruiting you can see the quality of players he is geting is just a steady upward growth - - more talent all across the board. - - One way to tell that is just look at who we are competing with on some of these players to get them to commit to KU

    They say he is a hell of a Closer - -I can for sure see that , it’s just sad to think that after his contract expires that chances are he is gone because of his age. - - Hopefully he can groom someone in house to take over when he does leave - - I would like to see myself see Dearman . - -But mercy you could sure see why players would want to play for him - -now we just have to slowly but surely translate the players the progression over to some more W’s - -be competitive we do that then I think even better players more 4 * players come - -it only takes a few to get the ball rolling. - - I’m ready – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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