• I saw a little blurb today where TRob went to his locker in San Antonio and there was a rattlesnake there. Yikes. Talk about San Antonio having a home court advantage.

    So thinking about snakes and KU basketball, who are the players, coaches, refs, announcers, etc. whom you would be a consider to be a snake?

    I’d like to nominate Billy Tubbs. A first class slithery slimy sleazy snake. If you’re too young to remember Billy Tubbs just imagine a losing coach in a NC game telling the media he knows they (Oklahoma) was the better team.

    One story, that apparently happened the year before I arrived on campus, went like this. (please correct any factual errors, I heard this, didn’t witness). KU and OU were playing for the conference championship in AFH. The game went to OT where OU blew us out. Tubbs called timeout so his team could celebrate the championship on our court before the game was over. I think I heard he flipped off our crowd that day as well.

    Got any other snakes?

  • @wissoxfan83 didn’t he cut OUR nets down?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think that’s part of the story. Like I said I wasn’t there, just remember hearing about it.

  • [](link url)@wissoxfan83

    I remember Norm Stewart being slimy at Mizzou in the day. I remember a little Johnny Orr too. But maybe Norm had Johnny beat. Norm was just a little sleazy and really believe he brought some nasty to Mizzou’s program. It has been the same since. Although, I thought Mike Anderson brought a little anti-venom to the program. But then he left and the venom just keeps rolling.

    There was a freakin’ SNAKE IN TROB’S LOCKER…CRAP A BRICK:

    Reserve guard Will Barton, Robinson’s neighbor in the locker room, claims he kept calm while hopping up on his chair. There was all kinds of commotion until “our brave trainers,” as Robinson referred to them, corralled the beast.

    The Blazers thought that it was a rattlesnake, but a Spurs official said the snake was determined to be non-poisonous before being safely released back into the wild.

    Players said the snake’s length was 3-to-4 feet, but the Blazers trainer estimated it at 18 inches. The snake was believed to be a baby.

    “Big enough,” Barton said.

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