Possible some set back for the Chiefs

  • Now before some people stat talking about Mahomes on this , w all ready know all about how good he is. - -The thing is and was brought up on a couple of different stations today, that Damian Williams has opted to sit out this year because of the Covid

    I think we all realize yes, KC is much more of the Air attack , but the fact remains how Solid Williams was last year more importantly in the playoffs - -was brought out that it will have SOME impact , opposing defenses are still going to have a hard time keeping KC under 30 plus a game but no one can deny he gonna be missed

    Like they said though they can’t blame him , watching out for his family with this virus

  • Gonna be a weird season, if any! The new back should fill in nicely.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Possible some set back for the Chiefs:

    Gonna be a weird season, if any! The new back should fill in nicely.

    gonna be interesting how the Season plays out. Looks like it might very well be like baseball with no fans , or very limited.

    I myself am still trying to come to terms with the Packers, as people know huge GB fan BUT with the way they are trying to screw Aaron around , almost a repeat of Jordy - -this case with Aaron they needed to draft receivers to help him out , so what they do - - they draft a QB , pretty much seals Aaron not finishing out his career with the Pack - - I just don’t get it-v - Aaron is another case where he wanted to finish as a Packer , he is 36 wants to play into his 40’s. - -He says he hold no ill will , understands it’s a business how they ever went 13-3 last year is beyond me , for sure going to be a hard year 0 0really challenges my dedication with the decisions they have made these last few years.

    Glad I DO like KC fun to watch and explosive, so I also pull for them to win EXCEPT win they play GB So at least I’ll have at least a team that goes far again , but yes your right going to be very interesting year.

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