Had to kind of chuckle when I seen this

  • lol , well the beginning of Baseball Season got started yesterday , had to laugh just a little , i got a chuckle out of it anyways.

    MLB is doing their part to try and help control the COVID-19 , was watching the Dodgers and Giants last night - -well for a minute anyways but as we know they are playing in empty stadiums. - -Well so there they are umpires wearing the masks , and the Dodgers had taken and put Cardboard like cut outs of fans had them all dressed up looking sporty and had them sittin in the seats lmao - -pipe in fan noise and had these card board cut outs of fans . - - anyways I thought it was kind of amusing - -lol - -I know weird sense of humor lol anyone else happen to catch that ?. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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