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  • NCAA: Paterno family’s lawsuit ‘ignores reality’

    I wanted to talk about this because it just boggles my mind that the Paterno family can think dear old dad was never in the wrong about any of this. If you’ve read the Freeh report you know it’s flat out sickening how former PSU President Graham Spanier, former Senior Vice President ‐ Finance and Business Gary Schultz, former Athletic Director Timothy Curley, and former Head Football coach Joe Paterno all acted and FAILED to act on the behalf of the children in all of these cases. To totally blow off these incidents and to continue to allow Sandusky access to the Lasch Building (where the shower INCIDENTS took place) is criminal. I wish Paterno was still alive so he could spend several years behind bars which would allow him think about their inaction (well he and his cronies did take action, but it was the completely wrong, criminal, and immoral action) and the continued sexual abuse they allowed to occur.

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