2 statues missing from the university of Kansas

  • Thought I’d feel everyone out here but the time is now to have a statue of Maurice King. For those unaware of King, he was one of the first African American players at Kansas and the first to start a game. The next is Wilt Chamberlain also one of the early African Americans on the team. I’ve read books and heard stores from locals of Phog Allen basically telling local businesses if they didn’t let people of all races in, he would settle it with his fists. I’d like to see them two guys together forever as they played together. We have a history of being on the right side of racism, let’s be proactive.

  • @kjayhawks are there any links you can share about this. I’d love to read them

  • @rockchalkwyo not articles but books, I have several on Phogg and the program in general. The jayhawkers movie is accurate I’m told.

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