K-State suspending their workouts

  • Just came across , K-state suspending all their workouts as they now have 14 players that have tested positive for the virus , needless to say this virus isn’t going any where.

    You have Texas with multiple positive cases - - Texas Tech - - Oklahoma State all multiple positive. Heard a leader of the WHO - -saying that yes during Summer cases will decline BUT fully expect another round coming in Sept.

    Time to edit : - -Well KU just reported it’s 1st positive case of the Corona Virus & another had tested positive for the Corona Antibodies - -hell I’m not even sure what that means lo - -thinking pretty much the same thing right ? Clemson has 23 players that’s tested positive - - Texas has 13 players that tested positive with another 10 in quarantine . Big 12 Comissoner Gowlsby said he is optimistic about the season but also realistic saying there will be a time with ineruption where there will come a time where a team can not handle it.

    I just can’t believe differently other then I just don’t see any way that College sports will make it through like football having to drop a game - - maybe two , some where along the line there IS going to be an ineruption . - -a stoppage of play in some sorts or another. - - at the moment 22 States are recording spikes in the Virus , higher amount of positive cases then from the original outbreak.

    All because we wanted to rush back and re-open the Country - - -THAT could very well turn out to be a HUGE mistake. - you have all these counties just like here - Sedgwick Co rushing to drop all restrictions , now look where they’re at. I understand needing to re-open but for sure rushed the dropping of restrictions, to many people wanting to rush to the Beach’s - -the bars and such , now your gonna pay the price. - -There is just no way that Football & Basketball is getting a clean season in

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